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Studio for Stars is a online videochat Agency and we work only with the best adult video chat websites in internet.
If you want to begin win very good money you can be part of our elite team of videochat models.
You only need to have a webcam and internet connection for work in videochat with us.
You will work in video chat in your free time, yes, you can make your own flexible schedules to work from your home.
We will send the money to you every quarter.
How much money you want to win for month? 1.500$? 2.000$? 4.000? or much more? You can win this money or ever more working in videochat with our Studio.
With our system nobody from your country can see your webcam when you are working in video chat.
No Experience is necesary.

Why work in videochat with us?

Because we have started working as Video Chat Study since 2008
Because we are girls and we understand you better.
Because we work only with the best videochat websites.
Because nobody from your country will see you working in videochat.
Because you can work from your home and with your own schedule.
Because we pay the better payrate in the market and every quarter.
Because you can receive the money via Wester Union.
Because we work with you, you are not an employed and we are not your boss, we will work with you like a Team.
Because our videochat Studio is knowly worldwide for to be serious and professional Because no matter what country you live, we'll send your money no matter where you live.

Our video chat Studio is one of the first that has adapted to the legal requirements of video chat business. The videochat activity is not forbidden by law. The videochat sessions are private and confidential, so this activity can't even be considered obscene. We shall guarantee to our videochat models the legality of this activity

Do you want make very good money in your free time? Then begin working in videochat with us. From 2008 working on video chat