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I can make money working in videochat like a performer?
All girls/women and couples can do this. You can look sexy front your webcam? Then you can earn money with videochat. You only need to have the charisma, ambition, and desire to succeed. No experience is necessary.

How much will I earn?
Depend of you, but you can win 20$/90$ by hour plus more. Our girl's team will support and help in your firsts steps. Webcam modeling is probably the higest paying internet work available and from your home and in your free time.

How and when i will receive my money?
We can send the money to you via Western Union, ATM Epassporte card (worldwide debit card) or PayPal. Payout every two weeks. No matter where in the world you live.

What equipment do I need to do this?.
A computer or laptop, webcam and internet connection.

Will I have the ability to block certain countries?
Yes, you can request to have specific countries blocked. Customers in blocked countries will not have access to any of your content.

What I need to do for make money in videochat performer?
You need to be an actress... a good "performer". This means that you should be fun-loving, creative, intelligent, and ambitious.

How much will I be paid?
We have the more biggest payrate in the Studios market. You will earn and be paid 60% of gross sales.

How often do I need to work?
You can work as much or as little as you want. However, most models who are doing really well are models who devote 20-hours or more per week to building their businesses and developing a fan base. Loyal webcam customers or "fans" can be very important to you financially in this business.

How I know you will to pay me?
Because we earn money if you win money, so our main concern is that you win lots of money and work with us for long.

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